Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hibernate mapping cheat sheet

Here's a nice hibernate mapping cheat sheet. Good reference when programming.

Hibernate Mapping Cheat Sheet

Great books that changed my life

Hi buddies... enjoy the books.... they have really changed my life poistively..!!!!

1) RichDadPoorDad

2) WinFriendsAnd_InfluencePeople


How to Enable Remote errors on SQL reporting services.

If you have been using SQL reporting services, you may have encountered few errors which just become difficult to resolve. In such cases, its advisable to enable the remote errors on your reporing services which helps you to understand the inner exceptions.

The remote errors can be enabled on the reporting services in two ways:

1. Using the SQL Server Management Studio

Start Management Studio and connect to a report server instance.
Right-click the report server node, and select Properties.
Click Advanced to open the properties page.
In EnableRemoteErrors, select True.
Click OK.

2. Using a script to enable remote errors:

a. Create a text file and copy the following script into the file.

Public Sub Main()
Dim P As New [Property]()
P.Name = "EnableRemoteErrors"
P.Value = True
Dim Properties(0) As [Property]
Properties(0) = P
Console.WriteLine("Remote errors enabled.")
Catch SE As SoapException
End Try
End Sub

b. Save the file as .rss in your local folder.
c. Open a command prompt window
d. Either Navigate to the directory that contains the .rss file you just created or use the absolute file location on the command prompt. Type the following command line, replacing servername with the actual name of your server:

rs -i EnableRemoteErrors.rss -s http://servername/ReportServer

3. Enabling the remote errors by updating the database.

a. Update ReportServer database Configuration table for EnableRemoteErrors

Update the ConfigurationInfo table in the ReportServer database for configuration record named "EnableRemoteErrors". The default value for EnableRemoteErrors property in the ConfigurationInfo database table is "False". Update the value to true by running a simple update statement.

You may not be successful to see the changes made on the ConfigurationInfo table on the Reporting Services application, if the application is being used intensely.

If everything goes fine, you should see a message "remote error enabled."

Note: Do ensure that your server is accessible from the location / machine you run the script from. If you have direct access to the server, run the script on the server.

Enabling the remote errors should give you detailed information on all the issues you encounter on your reporting services.

VirtualHost in Tomcat (Make Tomcat a standalone web server)

Problem: I want to bind a registered domain name to my web application using Apache Tomcat as a standalone web server(means NO Apache web Server, HTTPD), simple :)

•Windows Server (64) 2003
•Apache Tomcat 6.0.18
•IIS 6

Still recently what were we doing to access the web application is,
we are binding domain name "" to the IIS which is running on port 80, and then this IIS redirects the page to local instance of tomcat, which is running on port 8080, as


So when someone hits the server redirects to the URL as

Now we need some changes into it

1.Remove port 8080 from URL (pretty easy)

Open CATLINA_HOME/conf/server.xml and search for number 8080 and replace by 80, save it and you're done. But wait, if you restarted the tomcat, it will throw exception, like ‘JVM_bind: port 80 is already in use’ and this is because of the IIS server running on that default port 80, so stop it...

2.Get the direct access to Tomcat, instead of IIS-Redirecting-Tomcat(Tomcat Virtual Host settings)

Virtual hosting is easy in a Tomcat, (though many people suggest me, to use Apache web server, HTTPD, which acts like IIS, and then redirect the request to tomcat, which I didn't understand it, yet :)),
We need some edits in following xml
Caution: Before modifying this files make sure you had backup this files, so that if anything goes wrong you need not worry about the original files.

a. Create a virtual host, which maps to the correct application deployed. Note that the element MUST be configured inside element, see Tomcat docs for more details.

view plaincopy to clipboardprint?
01.02.autodeploy="true" xmlvalidation="false" xmlnamespaceaware="false">

Here, name is the DNS registered site name “” and it will bind all the web application from folder “Mywebapps” to it
b. Create element inside the , which takes the other format of site name and bind to the same virtual host.

01.02.autodeploy="true" xmlvalidation="false" xmlnamespaceaware="false">
After this just rename your web application's war file as 'ROOT.war', so that's it context path changes from "YOUR_WEB_APP_NAME" to "/" and application can be accessed as '', simply.
So finally, this files/directory you got in 'xyzwebapps'


Restart the server, hit and you're good to go :)

PS: Here is the beautiful link to implement SSL on Tomcat, you just need a private key from your host provider. Its easy and straightforward.
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